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DAY 1 - Uncover the Power Within You the Parent

Jennifer S. Miller, M.Ed., Confident Parents Confident Kids

How You Play a Major Role in the Social Emotional Development of Your Kids

Having worked with parents and educators for over 20 years to help them become more effective with children through social and emotional learning, Jennifer shares her latest research in this session of the connection between parents’ hopes for their kids and social emotional learning. She provides tips you can use everyday.

Tina Feigal, MS, Ed., Parenting Mojo

The Key to Deeply Honoring Your Child and Being in the Present Moment

Tina is a parent coach who believes in placing healing in the hands of the parents so they can bring out the best in their kids. In this session, she takes us down a path of what it takes to really be in the present moment with our kids and gives us tools to get there.

Kimberly Hackett, Therapeutic Parent Coach

Why Connecting with Yourself First Helps Build Confidence in Your Kids

Kimberly discusses her use of the Internal Family Systems theory to bring change amongst families. This includes Parenting You first in which she teaches you how to have the correct internal dialogue to bring about lasting change. Through this session, she explains the important of making a “parent u-turn.”

Kim John Payne, M. Ed., Simplicity Parenting

The 4 Important Pathways to Parent With Simplicity

With over 27 years of working with parents and kids, Kim realized there were four areas that were causing the most overwhelm in families. In this overview session, he gives you the four pathways you can choose to take care of now to achieve a balanced, simple life.

DAY 2 - How to Increase Your Parent Superpowers

Jenny Woo, M.Ed., MBA, Mind Brain Parenting

Discover What Respect and Conversations Have to Do With Building Confident Kids​​​​​

As a Harvard-trained educator, Jenny brings the recent research on what it takes to de-stress yourself and your family by developing deep conversations. In this session, she shares why the process is so important even when it’s hard for our kids.

Steve Silvestro, MD, The Child Repair Guide Podcast

Why Mindfulness Should Be a Part of All Our Busy, Daily Lives

Dr. Steve shares how his journey is not unlike many parents of wanting to do what’s best for your kids. He presents specific strategies you can use right away for yourself and your kids. In this session, you’ll walk away feeling more mindful even for those moments you feel you don’t have the time.

Chase Mielke, Affective Living

Optimism, Altruism, and Empathy: The 3 Secrets

With over 10 years in the classroom teaching high school, Chase has seen it all and thrives on supporting students and parents. In this session, he discusses three important facets to reduce “parent burnout” and how you can use these with your kids, so they can boost their confidence too.

Suzanne Tucker, PT, Generation Mindful

How Connecting Before You Correct Will Always Lead to a Better Outcome

Working as a physical therapist, Suzanne discovered that parents and educators were struggling with feeling guilty and not good enough when it came to parenting their kids. With powerful insight, she shares the secrets to lasting change without punishment and punitive methods.

DAY 3 - Discover the Foundations of Confidence

Deanne Barrett, M.A., Gratitude Works

Why Gratitude Works in Building Resilience

After working with thousands of teens as a teacher, Deanne learned a thing or two about what makes teens tick. In this session, she shares her insight to help you better understand your teen and how gratitude can bring calm to the turbulence.

Janine Halloran, LMHC, Encouraging Play & Coping Skills for Kids

The Importance of Encouraging Play at EVERY Age (Even as Adults)

Janine discovered early on that kids thrived when they could use play to learn coping skills. She shares her strategies to make these skills stick whether your child is at home, on the playground, or at a friend’s house.

Alexandra Eidens, Big Life Journal

How to Help Your Kids Develop a Growth Mindset

Alexandra’s ultimate goal is to impact parents and kids all over the world by helping them develop a growth mindset. She does just that by giving you key tips you can use right away with your kids to strengthen their growth mindset.

Laura Earnshaw, My happy Mind

4 Key Areas to Cultivate So You Can Build a Culture of Well-Being

Laura has worked with CEOs all over the world around this topic of well-being. In this session, she brings her expertise to share the four foundations she believes to creating a sustainable culture of well-being in our families.

DAY 4 - Discover More Foundations of Confidence

Dr. Ken Ginsburg, Fostering Resilience &

How Boosting the Competence of Our Kids Builds Confidence and Resilience

Dr. Ginsburg is a supreme advocate for young people and shares his thoughts on why and how we need to build the strengths of our kids. In this session, he dives into the 7Cs of resilience and why they’re so important in respecting and seeing the potential of our kids who are our future.

Karen Young, PhD., Hey Sigmund

How to Teach Kids to Be Courageous in the Midst of Fear

After having her own practice, Karen realized she could make a difference by bringing her knowledge as a psychologist to the parents for them to use. She shares her insights in what “being brave” really means and how this looks different for every child and parent.

Dr. Ashley Soderlund, Nurture and Thrive

Why Kids Are Naturally Inclined To Be Kind and Generous

Ashley has turned her expertise into practicality for all parents. She shares the research and science behind kindness and generosity and what it does for our kids when we nurture it.

DAY 5 - Overcome Common Struggles

Debbie Reber, Tilt Parenting

How to Parent Differently Wired Kids From a Place of Confidence

Debbie is a parenting activist for parents just like her who are raising “differently wired” kids. She shares her journey and what we can do to help our kids who are not like everyone else. In this session, she also gives insight into how she does it all with her son Asher to help him thrive.

Natasha Daniels, Anxious Toddlers to Teens

The Secrets of Boosting the Confidence of Anxious Kids

As a child therapist and mom to anxious kids herself, Natasha provides the extra support parents need in growing confidence in their kids with anxiety or OCD. In this session, she shares the key role we need to play in helping ourselves and our kids get to the bottom of the struggle.

Renaye Thornborrow, Adventures in Wisdom

Discover How Stories Can Decrease Our Kid's Negative Self-Talk For Good

Renaye believes that life-coaching shouldn’t start with adults but with kids. With her life-coaching for kids program, Renaye has helped kids all over the world kick their negative self-talk to the curb. She shares the secrets to help our kids develop these mindset skills they need to be successful and confident all through the use of stories.

Angela Pruess, LMFT, Parents With Confidence

Your Guide to Raising a Strong-Willed Child

Through Angela’s work with kids in her office, she wanted to bring the strategies she was using to the parents themselves. For those kids who make you want to pull your hair out because of their strong-willed nature, Angela shares the questions we need to ask ourselves to parent with confidence.

Dayna Abraham, Lemon Lime Adventures & Calm the Chaos

How to Build the Confidence of Kids Who Struggle With Behavior

We all want to be the best sidekick possible for our kids even when they’re at their worst. Dayna brings her expertise from being right in the trenches with you as a parent of an “out-of-the-box” kid herself. She has seen all the behaviors imaginable but shares in this session how you can turn those struggles into superpowers.

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