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What to do when you feel like you've failed your kids in many ways even if you've yelled or gotten angry in the past...

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This event will bring together the best thought leaders and experts in the industry to help you inspire your kids to build independence and responsibility for not only today but years to come. 

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Now You’re Probably Wondering, What EXACTLY Will I Get Out Of Attending This online conference?

Great question, and I’m glad you asked.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the FREE Building Confident Kids Conference:

  • Discover how to ease anxiety and lack of confidence even if your child is not interested in doing activities that build his confidence...
  • Discover where to begin helping your child even if she is always second guessing herself...
  • How to help your child stop the broken record in his head even if it happens every day...
  • Discover how to help your child make progress in every area of her life even if she's been unmotivated and discouraged in the past...
  • Find out why listing loads of stuff your child is good at doesn't change him and what to do instead...
  • Discover the trick to the fine balancing act of taking care of yourself while also taking care of everyone else... 
  • How to handle inappropriate behavior whether it's yelling and screaming or hitting and kicking without having to worry about creating a potentially spoiled child...
  • And MUCH, MUCH more...

"Parenting is difficult because, to do it well, you must look inside yourself.

You need to know what makes you soar and what really pushes your buttons. And looking at oneself -- really looking inside -- is a challenge. The thing is, the consequences of not looking are even worse."

TOSHA SCHORE  //  Parent Coach & Author

"In regards to change...

When our results fall short of our expectations, the inner critic finds an opening and steps on stage. We are not the problem. Our approach to change is. It's a design flaw -- not a personal flaw."

BJ FOGG, PHD  //  Behavior Scientist & Author



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Featured Expert Sessions

DAY 0 - Building Confident Kids Kick-Off Party

Heather Davis

April 19, Sunday @ 1:00 PM PST | 3:00 PM CST | 4:00 PM EST

Building Confident Kids Kick-Off Party: Orientation Session

Host, Heather Davis will chat LIVE about what you'll discover in this year's Building Confident Kids Conference sessions and how to get the most out of the experience. Also includes a LIVE Q & A.

DAY 1 April 20th- Inspiring Future Leaders: Executive Function & The Motivated Child

BJ Fogg, PhD.

How to Implement the Power of Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Really Do Change Everything

Brittany Power

Tiny Habits as a Mother and What it Really Looks Like Day to Day

Dr. William Stixrud

Discover the Path to the Self-Driven Child by Giving Your Kids More Control to Help Them Thrive

Jackie Moore

How Kindness and T-Shirts are Shaping Jordyn's Future and the Important Role Her Parents Play

Tosha Schore

Parenting Boys and How to Create Change in This World and Bring Peace to Your Family

Dr. Mark Bertin

Executive Function: What it is and Why it Matters to Confidence

Mary Nhin

Grit: How to Help Your Child Develop More of It and Reach Their Goals

DAY 2 April 21st - A Whole-istic Approach to Parenting

Amanda Rueter,  M.A.

How to Get Your Kids to Listen Without Yelling and Learn to Take Care of Yourself at the Same Time

Laura Froyen, PhD.

Balanced Parenting: How to Be There for Your Kids But Let Go at the Same Time

Linda McGurk

How to Incorporate Daily Outside Time into Your Already Busy Schedule: Lessons from a Scandinavian Mom Backed By Research & Science

Lisa Canning

How You Can Be a Great Mom and Still Pursue Your Goals and Dreams at the Same Time (from a mom of 8)

Vibha Arora

Conscious Parenting: The 5 Critical Characteristics of a Conscious Parent

DAY 3 April 22nd - The Power of Identity & Acceptance of Self

Jeff Waller

Discover the 7 Mindsets to Lead Your Ultimate Life and Help Your Kids Lead Their Best Life Too

Dayna Abraham

The Importance of Teaching Your Kids about Self-Awareness and Finding Their Own Uniqueness

Seth Perler

Discover the Critical Role Executive Function Plays in ADHD and Twice-Exceptional Children

Deb Canja

Understanding How Your Children's Beliefs about Themselves Shape Their Future Success

Giselle Shardlow

How Yoga Stories and Mindfulness Can Help You and Your Kids Develop a Sense of Awareness and Calm

DAY 4 April 23rd - Moving Mountains: Overcoming Obstacles in Raising Your Kids

Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.

Discover Ways to Help the Child with Sensory Processing Disorder and Tools You Can Use Right Away

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart

Anxiety: Find Out Ways You Can Help Your Kids Manage Their Anxiety and Find Out When You Really Need to Seek Help

Christine Fonseca

How to Heal the Negative Impact of Traumatic Events on Kids with Practical Tools

Jason & Cecilia Hilkey

Discover Practical Strategies in Working Through Sibling Issues in Your Home 

Dr. Lynyetta Willis

How to Build Legacies and Break Cycles of Stable Misery Within Your Family Using These Easy to Follow Frameworks

DAY 5 April 24th - Cultivating Independence & Emotional Resilience

James Anderson

The Mindset Continuum: It's Not Just a Fixed or Growth Mindset + How You Can Create Little Nudges in the Right Direction

Julia Cook

How Stories Play a Vital Role in Guiding You to Teach Social and Emotional Skills to Your Kids So That You Can Hit the Easy Button

Keira Merkovsky, LCSW

Big Feelings: How to Help Your Kids Process Emotions So That They Learn to Self-Regulate

Lauren Tamm

Raising Problem Solvers: The What and the How with a Super Simple 3-Step Process

Maggie Dent

Discover the Important Building Blocks of Resilience and How to Nurture These Blocks in Your Kids

How’d You Like To Access 27 World-Class Building confident Kids Masterclasses?

These sessions will show you strategies and techniques that top experts use and recommend, so you can raise emotionally resilient kids who handle life with grace. For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here by clicking the button below.

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Confidence Building Strategies Revealed By The Top Thought Leaders In The World

Your journey to connecting with your kids and building their confidence could go one of two ways:

Long and Difficult Way

  • You could spend countless hours trying to implement outdated parenting strategies you've learned from "so-called experts" that aren't that effective anymore (or worse... don't work at all!).

Easy & Fast Way

  • You could sign up for Building Confident Kids today and get real insights from the top parenting experts and a step-by-step guide to inspiring your kids towards independence and responsibility.

If you’re looking for your average, run-of-the-mill conference, you’ve come to the wrong place.

BUT... If you’re looking for the top parenting strategies that are working right now, then you’re right at home.


Heather Davis

Creator of the Building Confident Kids Conference, Former Teacher, and Mom.

Hi, I’m Heather. I'm the founder of Building Confident Kids.

I'm also a former teacher who noticed a big shift in the 2,000+ students who entered my room the last 15 years: a lack of resilience, grit, and confidence.

My mission is to bring together the best thought leaders and experts who share their knowledge and expertise for developing emotional intelligence in our kids.

When we help our kids build their emotional intelligence, they become the most confident versions of themselves.

If you're ready to empower yourself and your kids for TODAY and BEYOND, let's get to it!

How’d You Like To Access 27 World-Class Building Confident Kids Masterclasses?

These sessions will show you strategies and techniques that top experts use and recommend, so you can raise emotionally resilient kids who handle life with grace.

For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here by clicking the button below.

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